How precious is your time?

Today I reflected on the wonder of life. Yes, we are collectively experiencing an unprecedented time in history, yet life is still very much worth living; if you didn’t know that before the pandemic, you should know now.

Many move through life busy with tasks from sun up to sundown.

Mistakenly, some think this is my life. They say things like, “You have so much going on,” and “You’re always busy.”

The reality is that I do have some amazing things going on, but I am not always busy.

Time is precious

I am productive in my assignments. 

First as a daughter of the Most High God 

As a Wife

As a Mother

As Non-Profit Founder

As a Transparency Life Coach

As a Writer

As a Publisher

As a Podcaster

I’m currently writing this from my bed as I awoke from an afternoon nap. 

Why? Because I know the value of rest. 

God had graced me with the energy to take care of the territories He has given me. He’s endowed me with wisdom, so I know how to navigate and delegate. Yet rest is a part of that.

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Was this always the case? No way! 

My driving force before was money and independence. So I worked hard and not smart because, at my core, fear was fueling me and also the lust of my eyes and the pride of life.

Today, I am fueled by God’s will and purpose for my life

There’s a difference.

Rebuked Death

Let me share something with you. On July 12, 2020, the day after my grandmother’s funeral, literally a year ago today, I cooked breakfast for some family members who came into town for the funeral. I became extremely tired with a very heavyweight pulling my right arm down as I scrambled the eggs.

I made their plates and sat down on my couch because I was too weak to stand any longer. I started shivering. My right arm and hand had grown like 3x the size it was. “When did that happen?” I thought. I hadn’t noticed it before.

I told everyone I needed to lay down and for my husband to help me. He and my daughter assisted me to the bed. I started shaking uncontrollably. I was so cold. They continually put blankets over me but it wasn’t enough.

After a while, my husband had to rush me to the hospital. I could no longer speak, but with trembling hands, I took the pen and paper offered to me and wrote down what had happened for the Triage nurse.

I remember, they immediately escorted me to the back. Then it went dark. I lost time. The next thing I recall is being in a hospital room with the doctor telling me that I would have died at home had my husband not brought me to the emergency room when he did.

He said I had Cellulitis in my Lymphedema arm, which turned into Sepsis, and that they were giving me everything to fight it aggressively.

I was in and out of sleep, super weak and in pain. 

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The next memory was another doctor coming in the following day stating that my kidneys were declining at a rate they have never seen. Without emergency dialysis, I would be dead in 3 days.

“Wait, what?!” I said bewildered. “Lord what’s going on??” 

I consented to treatment and was in the hospital for 12 days, regularly receiving dialysis. So much so they said I would have to receive outpatient dialysis when they discharged me.

That was tough, y’all, and I had a moment when I was really scared. I didn’t understand what was happening or why. However, I made peace with it. I made peace with dying or living. I made peace with whatever God would will for me in that situation.

After that decision, I rested in Him. My body was not without pain. The doctors and nurses continually poked and prodded me. I was uncomfortable but I was resting in Him! Hallelujah 

Painful Assignment

I ministered to a few people while there, and guess what?

On the last day, all of my bloodwork and levels evened out again as if I was never sick. 

God did that! 

No longer did I need outpatient dialysis.

Glory to God! 

Once home, I needed lots of rest because this un-glorified body went through a lot. Not to mention, I was hurting emotionally.

My ordeal in that hospital was an assignment. There were three people that I spoke to specifically with a word of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy. God kept me, and He rebuked death. There are other details I could share, but I think you get the point. 

It was miraculous. Every time I reflect on the people that crossed my path, the words the Lord allowed me to speak to them, the joy and peace He allowed To abide with me, it makes my heart swell with love. He trusted me to glorify Him even through that. He trusted me not to curse Him but to speak on His goodness.

I came out of the hospital with a different mindset.

My Resolve

Yea, I work a lot. But work isn’t my first love as it was in the past. The work He has me doing is part of my ministry and purpose here on Earth. I help kingdom-driven women walk in the power of their voice and in the freedom that He died to give them.

I titled this with a question. How precious is your time? 

Mine is the most precious gemstone in the world. 

I often question my motives, and that keeps me in alignment. I filter what I receive through my ear and eye gates through a lens of does this bring reproach to God or honor? Do I need to do this? Do I need to say this? Do I need to post this?

I have been mislabeled as suicidal (because I am not afraid to die and go home), nonchalant because I don’t get caught up in world affairs), religious (always talking about Jesus in one way or another), and brass (sometimes my words are an “ouch.”) I’ve been talked about, told I was doing too much, that I don’t hear God, that He ain’t talking that much, or that I need to do this or that. That chatter used to stumble me, but not anymore. I walked out of the hospital 12 days later with a resolution of full submission, whatever that looked like. However crazy it looked to others.

God has shown me too much. It’s too late for me. I am not going back.

Coach Tara

I am a peculiar woman who God saved by His grace and mercy. I am forever grateful to Jesus for His sacrifice and seeing fit to call me to Himself. I am not special. I’m just me. Someone who has sinned much, and I am still in awe that He loves me so much.

I am a kingdom citizen. I was called and chosen in 2010 by Jesus, Himself. 

As I have walked this walk, it’s interesting the plights me and my family find ourselves in. Often I feel like a spectacle, but if you have been following me for any length of time, you know my scripture is Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Ultimately, the Lord wants to love on people through me. My testimony is just a love story. I have stories that I would prefer to keep to myself, but part of not loving my life unto death is moving through the fear and embarrassment in obedience to how He is telling me to move. The song Alabaster Box speaks so deeply to me…you don’t know the cost of my oil. 

Where is He guiding you?

He called some to various arenas and wherever He guides you, study to show yourself approved; in the word and in whatever position He has you in. Work your craft and stay in your lane. Believe me, you don’t want to do anything He hasn’t graced you to do. 

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The Lord gave me a word on Sunday and I was to share it with my prayer group. This was the word “I bless but the devil also blesses and it’s called distractions.”

Again, I ask you, how precious is your time? If anything you are doing is taking you away from your Creator, it is not from Him.

We all must work. Work is good, but keep everything in perspective. Don’t squander your days chasing money; unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor, labor in vain. Work on time management and prioritize the things of God. Spend time with God, so you know what He requires of you. Do something that brings you joy. Nurture your relationships. Give back and help others.

We are precious in Gods eyes. 

He loves PEOPLE. Not just me and you, but He sent His son to die for the world. But the key is believing on Jesus. Who He is and what He did when He came. Believe that He was killed on that stake and rose the third day in power and all authority. 


We are in a time like no other. Distractions, confusion, and contentions are at an all-time high. Be intentional with guarding your heart.

Be okay with who you are and move as He guides.

In Conclusion

Yes, my time is precious; So precious that I will stop in the middle of the day and rest if my body calls for it. (wink)

I am alive, and that’s by His decree, and when He calls me home after I finish my race, I will go joyfully.

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, we are spiritual beings living in this fleshly tabernacle and as a Believer, you understand this isn’t your home. Wear this world loosely. Don’t gain it and lose your soul. God wants you to live an abundant life, but not one apart from Him.

Seek God for your assignment and ask Him to awaken you to your purpose. You discover purpose, not chase it. 

There’s a difference.

I pray something thought-provoking was said to enlighten you. I pray God teaches you to number your days so you can apply your heart to wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

I love you with the love of Christ.

Please comment and share.

What is your time worth to you? How does your actions align with your answer?

If you are interested in my life coaching services, visit me at

Many Blessings to you 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Paulette McCreary says:

    Indeed Sis. Discovering purpose, staying focused IJN. God’s blessings are upon you.
    Encouraged my soul!


  2. Hanifah says:

    This was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t agree more with every bit of it!!!!! There’s nothing like the freedom of God and it’s evident that He’s using you to help His women become free. If we love not our life unto death, we will receive a crown of life. Glory to God!!!!


  3. Bria says:

    “You discover purpose, not chase it.” Amen! Beautiful testimony of God’s keeping power and mercy. I love you Tara ❤️


  4. Monica Poe says:

    Well said cuz, you have such a talent with writing and doing God’s work, you are one blessed women and I love you dearly always have and always will❤️❤️💋


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