Coach/Author Tara Tucker

Thanks for stopping by to see what’s going on in my neck of the woods.

First, this site is best viewed on a desktop or tablet. Secondly, I express myself in this blog as a follower of Jesus, a daughter of the Most High God, a wife, mother, and sister in Christ; As a woman who’s had a life-changing experience because of the Lords mercy and I’m excited to share the benefits of a right relationship with God. This is a personal blog. The views expressed are mine, open and honest.

I don’t profess to be a preacher or prophet. I was saved by grace, healed and delivered. I do acknowledge that I am saved, called and chosen by God. I do acknowledge that sometimes He gives me words to write and share. I do acknowledge the anointing upon my life. Now where He takes me 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t know, but I’m following Jesus in obedience.

I enjoy writing, and I pray that you are encouraged as you read. My goal is to encourage you to live authentically before God and show how the word of God can be applied to our lives daily.

The bible isn’t outdated, and the Lord Jesus is alive and working on our behalf today.

Read my bio for more information on me.

I have always been outspoken, even before being saved. God didn’t change my character, He just uses it for His Glory. I wasn’t raised in church but since being apart of the various buildings and ministries I noticed the masks and bondage. My heart is for the people of God to walk in freedom because that’s what Jesus sacrifice gave us. We are free! We are more than conquerors!

You’ll notice the matter of fact way I speak and the bluntness of my approach. That’s my character. Sometimes my words seem harsh, but my heart is in the right place. I genuinely believe our walk with God is serious. Our souls depend on it, so I don’t write to tickle anyone’s ears. But I love you, I promise I do!

If I have a guest post or Blogger it will be for the edification of the Readers. It does not mean I am personally affiliated. It means that I enjoyed what I read and wanted to share it.

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Thank you.

Enjoy!  Be encouraged!


My writing is considered intellectual property and protected under copyright laws. Please do not use without my permission. Contact me first. You can share with others, but don’t take it and use it as your words. Thank you.

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